studio word is a design studio established by kyuhyung cho and jungyou choi in 2018. kyuhyung cho is a graduate of konstfack, who majored in storytelling, and jungyou choi is a graduate of design academy eindhoven, majored in man and wellbeing, and of ecal, majored in luxury and craftsmanship. studio word is based in seoul and europe, active in the design fields of graphic, product, furniture and space.
they are striving to coin a creative and useful language of design based on their close observation and discovery of their surroundings and objets, their comprehensive understanding of tradition and modernity, as well as their work ethic of maintaining fresh perspectives and genuineness. they have collaborated with menu, iittala, hermes petit h, reuge, mete, naknak, dims, yeol, among others.

balloon lamp, product, 2019
balloon can be a lamp that can bring life to the space with its bold, playful yet well defined silhouette. It has a new ...+

corners shelf, product, 2015
when we write on paper, we start from the upper left corner. it allows us to structure our words and gives us room to use the page more ...+

black pot, product, 2018
observing the work of the master, we were able to glance into our forefather’s wisdom rooted in the creation of the traditional cast ...+

wire number, product, 2014
wire number is a numeral system for outdoor and indoor entrances. inspired by the beauty of customized door numbers on old streets ...+

two-way string backpack, product, 2018
this two-way string backpack was designed for mosca’s 2018 fall winter presentation point • point ...+

moss lamp, product, 2019

moss lamp was inspired by the long stem of the moss and the shade of the moss mushroom. As the shape of stem bends toward on the direction of ...+

companions, product, 2015

there is a beautiful theory of love in the work of jungyou choi. we often wonder what true love is; this artist invites us to think of love as kind of ...+ 

a piece of mind, graphic, 2014

a limited edition print by kyuhyung cho. inspired by dal hangari, a traditional korean white porcelain, kyuhyng cho has developed ...+

lowhill table, product, 2019
long ago, mankind used natural objects like naturally created stones as chairs and tables. although nature does not have a perfect plane, people have ...+

color of hoian, product, 2016

in the street of old town in hoi an, vietnam, lines of electronic poles make different landscapes of shadow from the morning till the night ...+

tulip candleholder, product, 2015

tulip candleholder combine vintage and modern forms. tulip’s soft forms conform to the gentle flame of the candle. a beautiful centerpiece. user could ...+

geurim font, graphic, 2016

hangul sculpture, product, 2010

ploi-yongsan, space, 2017


family crystal titanium cutlery, product, 2019
purposefully designed not to match; instead, the distinct pieces are an ode to the differences among...+

balloon chair, product, 2019
in modern society, the conversation between people is mainly done in digital and the words come and go through speech balloons. the design work has ...+

openness musicbox, product, 2015

opening a door to music to discover a boxes are often closed and the movement inside is not easily seen. fascinated by the hidden ...+

room collection, product, 2014
when it comes to furniture, people are used to placing a object within a square space. while it is common to use a square form to arrange ...+

banyantree swimming pool, space, 2017

newonggi, product, 2014
the goal of the project was to create a collection of tableware by using the mixture of two different properties of soils. onggiware(korean traditional ...+

colors of egg, product, 2016
this project is an ongoing research of finding beauty in a natural material which we throw away unconsciously. it started from my interest in ...+

fade collection, product, 2014

fade is a collection of vessels and furniture for the bathroom consisting of 13 pieces all derived from the same motif - a low ash table, ash and ...+

beam shelf, product, 2014

beam is a simple metal shelf with a hidden space. a wooden beam slotted across its length adds another dimension to the shelf ...+

hemp vase, product, 2012

from museum to home collection. a series of the hemp vases are made from machined hemp, a traditional material used for making cloth ...+

mitini, space, 2013
mitini is a soulmate in nepali. worked for 3 months as an art director of the social enterprise activation center which opened in kathmandu city ...+

plateau bench, product, 2014
at the start of the project we were looking at ways to create a bench for ourselves but what would happen if we created a seat for nature. to not see ...+

habit & reflection, product, 2013
it is natural to get attracted by what is being familiar with and natural to touch one’s mind when you are away from home. this experience ...+

making everyday, exhibition, 2018
the ‘in common ownership’ designs for the products have been developed over the past year and combine ideas and skills drawn from ...+

stranger, graphic, 2009
most people have at least one brand’s symbol that they are a fan of, like apple computer or penguin books. i realize that my favorite symbols take ...+

word table light, product, 2019

word table light has been inspired by the texture and structure of columns from ancient greek architecture...+

umbrella handle, product, 2016
a gentle humor. the collection of home accessories designed with discarded handles of hermès’ umbrella. the idea is purely adding a handle ..+

dooot hanger, product+space, 2018
a line was defined as a trail of the moving point. the point goes straight and turns into a cylinder, the point changes direction to make a round corner ...+

poke stool, product, 2013
poke stool is the first furniture piece created by a typography designer, kyuhyung cho. the inspiration was to develop furniture for adults ...+

teema tiimi tableware, product, 2015

true to kaj franck’s timeless philosophy of simplicity and functionality, teema tiimi collection is inspired by the original teema from ...+

agi open seoul, graphic, 2016


pictograph font, graphic, 2011

abc pictograph fonts_in the history of letters there have been many ancient forms of pictorial symbols that evolved into a few of our present ...+

alip, space, 2018


horizon, product, 2016

astronomy and telling the time, in particular as related to celestial mechanics. this is an instrument that tells you a time of the sunrise ...+

onggiscape, product, 2012
the onggiscape is a collection of tablewares. the studies of materials and techniques to make onggi in a traditional way is transformed it into modern ...+

sine collection, product, 2014

sine collection is a hanger system for clothing and accessories inspired by the regular tempo of sine wave. the collection consists of a clothes rack ...+

coffee maker, product, 2015
coffee dripper pot designed with a handle of m’passion copper sugar saucepan from mauviel’s original collection it is for a small household ...+

cloud workshop, graphic, 2010
the cloud workshop was set up in the blåsut t-bana station in stockholm. passengers participated in making their own clouds against ...+

tea balance, product, 2017

tea balance was inspired by the scales we used at a pharmacy in the joseon dynasty. i focused on the efficacy of tea in tea ceremony that inherited ...+

festa, space, 2016