breezm 2nd flagship store, space, 2019

breezm assesses the client’s face with 3d scanner and measures the distance between the pupils, the width of the face, the location of the ears. based on the data, glasses are 3d printed while reflecting the respective appropriate measurements regarding facial angle, slant, length of end piece and bridge, location of nose pads. So the brand caters to the individual. the concept of the space design for breezm 2nd flagship store evolves around the main idea of breezm which is futurism. from there, timeless value is added, thus ‘timelessness to warm future’ is the motto. the aim was to convey the visual language of the space to the clients so that they could spend quality time while observing the features of the products. 

the project is inspired from dieter rams’ ‘functional design based on simplicity and honesty’ and ‘glasses.’ the form is applied with straight lines and circles based on grids. the material used include glass, painted metal, wood, mirror, tile, that is, the usual material for glasses and braun products. the colors used are off white, mint green, sap green and black to create a comfortable and joyful atmosphere. stainless steel, glass, white oak materials are applied to enrich the spectrum.

breezm (

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