stranger, graphic, 2009

most people have at least one brand's symbol that they are a fan of, like apple computer or penguin books. i realize that my favorite symbols take advantage of me and deceive me into consuming their products or services more and more. i wanted to encounter them while they were alone and away from their usual commercial placement.
in this book, do i know you?, the popular symbols are separated and become strangers beside other unfamiliar strangers. the story i want to tell is of beings newly discovering each other without ever knowing the other's previous context.

designed by kyuhyung cho

pictograph font, graphic, 2011

abc pictograph fonts_in the history of letters there have been many ancient forms of pictorial symbols that evolved into a few of our present day alphabets. with this ...+

geurim font, graphic, 2016

cloud workshop, graphic, 2010
the cloud workshop was set up in the blåsut t-bana station in stockholm. passengers participated in making their own clouds against ...+