camper together, space, 2022

just as camper respects and loves different personalities and thoughts, we believe different shapes, materials, and colors coexist and it makes for an interesting contrast and balance. various personalities are expressed in the space in pleasant language through the process of twist and metaphor, and become ajoyful experience through discovery and use.

at the entrance, the camper logo is boldly exposed to greet people, and in contrast, products placed on translucent glass shelves induce curiosity with their blurry silhouettes. the flat display stand made of tiles that meets both entrances of the shelf is a space where several people can comfortably sit around and experience the products. Six shelves designed with the red camper symbol form a heart shape. through the mirror on the ceiling, discover the heart that symbolizes love. lastly, as the actors behind the stage prepare for the performance, storage is placed behind the curtain and a counter like a ticket booth is placed in front.

starfield hanam camper together store

1:50 scale mockup

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