newonggi, product, 2014

the goal of the project was to create a collection of tableware by using the mixture of two different properties of soils. onggiware(korean traditional pottery) is commonly used to store foods in the past in korea. traditionally, it was made out of the earth, deep in the lye and baked in the fire in the earthen-kiln for days. as a result, each piece shows unexpected patterns with varying colors and textures. i was inspired by the variety of sense in pottery from the traditional method. the natural tones of colors were regenerated by mixing two different soils in a modern approach.

earthenware,  stoneware,  half glazed,  baked in electronic-kiln

thrown-wheel by ceramic artist wondong shin
studio photos by jandee kim

korean cultural center ny, ma:t as it is, 2016.09 -10, use.
kf gallery, ma:t korean culture beyond the recipe ,2015.08 -10 ,korea.
culture station seoul 284, craft platform, 2015.05, korea.
gallery half-supply seoul, earth to earth, 2014.06, korea.

tiimi tableward, product, 2015

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