wire number, product, 2014

wire number is a numeral system for outdoor and indoor entrances. inspired by the beauty of customized door numbers on old streets and downtown neon lights, wire number makes your entrance more recognizable, while identifying your space in a delicate and unique way. every wire number is unique because of the specialized production method. after the necessary machine-made processes, skilled craftsmen bend each wire into several specific curves to form every number.

w80 x h106 x d42mm



horizon, product, 2016

astronomy and telling the time, in particular as related to celestial mechanics. this is an instrument that tells you a time of the sunrise ...+

beam shelf, product, 2014

beam is a simple metal shelf with a hidden space. a wooden beam slotted across its length adds another dimension to the shelf ...+

coffee maker, product, 2015

coffee dripper pot designed with a handle of m’passion copper sugar saucepan from mauviel’s original collection it is for a small household ...+