hanji flower hand fan, product, 2019

the handmade color hanji of shinpoong was used by hand fan artisans of namwon region to make 4 kinds of flower-shaped fans(camellia, peony blossom, plum blossom, water lily). The flowers are common motifs taken from traditional folk paintings. modest or colorful hanji is rendered into flower blossoms to create a new objet with the help of bamboo fan frames. we propose two designs: conventional fan design using short bamboo stick and new design using longer stick which allows for putting them in a vase for decoration.

w175 x d10 x h617, w225 x d10 x h356

bamboo, color dyed hanji(korean traditional handmade paper by chungcheongbuk-do, intangible cultural heritage no.17 hanjijang, chiyong ahn)

kcdf(korea craft & design foundation) hanji promotion project 2019

umbrella handle, product, 2016
a gentle humor. the collection of home accessories designed with discarded handles of hermès’ umbrella. the idea is purely adding a handle ...+

openness musicbox, product, 2015

opening a door to music to discover a beauty.music boxes are often closed and the movement inside is not easily seen. fascinated by the hidden mechanism...+