umbrella handle, product, 2016

a gentle humor. the collection of home accessories designed with discarded handles of hermès’s umbrella. the idea is purely adding a handle to an ordinary domestic object we use every day in a home. objects include fly swatter, mirror, broom & dustpan, hook, doorstopper, magazine rack, etc. which has a function. handles offer an easy access to an object which then can be placed on somewhere else. but most importantly it creates a sense of humor as an object that can be linked to the dna of Petit h. it becomes one-of-a-kind home accessories.

umbrella handles, leather

ecal × hermès petit h
studio photos by eugenia sierko-rouchon

la quincaillerie, hermès 17 rue de sèvres, paris, 2018.01, france

corners, product, 2015

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openness musicbox, product, 2015

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draw-string bag, product, 2018

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