nubi tray, product, 2019

nubi Tray is born from the reinterpretation of the formative language of nubi and traditional paintings of books/stationery. nubi originated from the monk’s black attire made of old patchwork. the nubim technique has become more delicate as the fashion culture evolved. its feature is the streamlined relief made of cotton quilted into cloth. the second inspiration called checkgeori is painting of books and stationery popular in the late joseon period. the objects are all painted on a flat surface with multiple projection points. As the lines are drawn in parallel without perspective, the books and shelves are rather portrayed in an abstract manner than figurative as if they were dividing the canvas. we have recomposed onto our tray the quilted relief line patterns and geometric projections and have designed 4 patterns. the rounded convex cylindrical pattern embraces light and shade within the rectangle frame. the flow of the pattern differs and shines according to the viewpoint.

w365 x  d215 x  h20mm

wood / color stained

commissioned by onyang folk museum for object onyang

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