word table light, product, 2019

word table light has been inspired by the texture and structure of columns from ancient greek architecture called “doric”. the “doric” is the oldest and simplest of the classical orders. by using a cylinder shape rather than a wider bottom is to empathizes the character of the modern taste. a strong element fluting(carved vertical texture) has been used both body and top to give a sense of rhythm to the lamp. it creates natural elegant shade on the surface. and it gives unique details to the lamp which could be realized in 3d print. the color has been applied in translucent white to give an atmosphere of a column and to use the benefit of the material of 3d prints. during day time, the lamp will be in pure white as a column and a night it will fully glow to brighten the space.

Ø188mm x h 262mm

corn pla / finished with a uv-protective layer

light Source
9w a19 led bulb

dims (www.dimshome.com)

3d printed by gantri (www.gantri.com)

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