a piece of mind, graphic, 2014

a limited edition print by kyuhyung cho. inspired by dal hangari, a traditional korean white porcelain, kyuhyng cho has developed an exclusive contemporary graphic work for pieces.  ‘a piece of mind’ balances the graphic with the warmth and character of the imperfect, playing with the expectations of the viewer.

colors of egg, product, 2016

this project is an ongoing research of finding beauty in a natural material which we throw away unconsciously. it started from my interest in ...+

companions, product, 2015
there is a beautiful theory of love in the work of jungyou choi. we often wonder what true love is; this artist invites us to think of love as kind of  ...+

hemp vase, product, 2012

from museum to home collection. a series of the hemp vases are made from machined hemp, a traditional material used for making cloth ...+