sine collection, product, 2014

sine collection is a hanger system for clothing and accessories inspired by the regular tempo of sine wave. the collection consists of a clothes rack and three hangers for different purposes; one for clothes, one for belt or scarves and another for accessories. our focus was to explore different senses of form and object, loose and tight, bold and thin, heavy and light to find our own contrast and balance. as a result of that, sine has harmonious contrasts - soft and straight lines, light aluminum and heavy stone, openness and closeness. the simple system, based on the form of the wave, creates evenly spaced hanging points to give your clothes a more organized presentation. sine rack is made from marble and powder coated aluminum and the matching hangers in steel.

dooot hanger, product, 2018

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tulip candleholder, product, 2015

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habit & reflection, product, 2013

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