hemp vase, product, 2012

from museum to home collection.

a series of the hemp vases are made from machined hemp, a traditional material used for making cloth or blanket especially for summer time in korea. the form was imitated from white porcelain in the joseon dynasty and each unit was broken into 16 pieces. the shape of vases was defined by how much each unit was reduced from the original one. it was dyed in gradient with ink stick. this translucent vase will blend into a space naturally.

vase, machined hemp

commis- sioned by korea craft and design foundation
seoul, korea

xx1t la triennale di milano, making is thinking is making, 2016.04-08, italy.
seoul national university museum of art, wandering vision, 2014.04-05, korea.
craft trend fair, 2012.12, korea.

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