ten symbols for a comfortable life (objets depicting ten longevity symbols) , product, 2019

the desire for a healthy and long life, wisdom, goodwill, peace, nature as is and ideal world. the traditional paintings of ten longevity symbols have survived a long time and yet, the yearnings engrained in them are still valid nowadays. we have drawn the symbols with modern material and applied them to objects that our contemporaries could keep close in their daily lives.

instead of its role of protecting the room from the cold, the curtain allows light to travel through it so that the resident could enjoy the sunlight from the window.

pouf Stool
the motifs for the poufs were the sun, symbol for the origin of life and continuity, and the moon which displays the principle of on-going circulation by waxing and waning. people believe that having a dream with the sun in view is an auspicious omen, and combined with the moon, it is even more fortunate.

embroidered by machined on fabric

bamboo, color dyed hanji(korean traditional handmade paper by chungcheongbuk-do, intangible cultural heritage no.17 hanjijang, chiyong ahn)

onyang  museum gujung art center ‘daily space: minhwa(folk painting)/ in collaboration with jiyeon kim

umbrella handle, product, 2016
a gentle humor. the collection of home accessories designed with discarded handles of hermès’ umbrella. the idea is purely adding a handle ...+

openness musicbox, product, 2015

opening a door to music to discover a beauty.music boxes are often closed and the movement inside is not easily seen. fascinated by the hidden mechanism...+