making everyday, exhibition, 2018

the ‘in common ownership’ designs for the products have been developed over the past year and combine ideas and skills drawn from an uk-korea exchange co-ordinated by grizedale arts and wysing arts centre. master potter gyung-kyun shin, black bamboo master seonhui choe, and chef gae-hwa lim, developed initial designs with uk designer/maker tom philipson and grizedale arts. these designs were further evolved into a ‘family’ of products at wysing by korean designer jungyou choi, potter, hyunmin shin, and curator jina lee, during a residency at wysing in june and july. the designs will make up a family of products for domestic use. also for a picnic. nest of a bowl, plates and cups, chopsticks and spoons and many other fusions have been developed to be made with the simplest of means and homemade tools. over the course of three weeks, products were made in wysing’s gallery, where they were also be stored and dried, created a working space and exhibition that would illustrate some of the key ideas behind the project, drawing on the arts and crafts movement, the korean intangible national asset register and many other design revolutions.

black pot, product, 2018

observing the work of the master, we were able to glance into our forefather’s wisdom rooted in the creation of the traditional cast ...+

mitini, space, 2013

mitini is a soulmate in nepali. worked for 3 months as an art director of the social enterprise activation center which opened in kathmandu city center ...+