plateau bench, product, 2014

at the start of the project we were looking at ways to create a bench for ourselves but what would happen if we created a seat for nature. to not see nature as an object but as our guest and to welcome nature as it welcomes us, to inhabit our space as we inhabit theirs.
 working with this new perspective we created a hollow area oering a ‘seat’ to the moss, to sit alongside us as we rest in the moss garden. the rhythm of the simple form takes inspiration from wooden architecture from both sweden and japan. its aim is not to mimic nature but to be harmonious with it. to collaborate with nature to become part of the forest.
 plateau are benches with a hollowed area on the seat for plants, letters and belongings. constructed from birch with a white oil finish the benches are presented in two lengths - 180cm and 150cm.


poke stool, product, 2013

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room collection, product, 2014

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