sound mask, installation, 2020

records change the way you treat music. this is because it entails a laborious process and effort to take out a record to listen to a single album and put the needle accurately to the track. we paid attention to processes such as the discomfort, a series of consciousness, that gave the joy of owning music. inspired by ono yoko's 〈grapefruit〉, a work visualized by adding imagination to the process of sound creation <sound maker>, such as the groove and needles of a record, vibrations and amplification devices, etc. 〈word player〉, which expands the meaning and interpretation of music with unpredictable and erratic directives, and 〈sound mask〉, where various types of masks descending from the ceiling become a space for listening.

presented for record284, kcdf cultural station 284(
at timeaftertime
photo by sooin jang 

word player

sound maker

sound mask

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