floor bench, furniture, 2019

velvet is not used in korean traditional furniture or space, but for this project, we have studied its new structure and beauty by combining phlox(name of velvet) and harald 3(name of velvet) of the kvadrat brand’s raf simons collection to the structure of korean traditional furniture.

it is difficult to find a chair or bench type of furniture in korean traditional culture except for small closets or low tables. the royal family or nobles had embraced Western style of living, so low bench was among their daily furniture. it reflects the comfort of sitting on the floor, and stability in terms of viewpoint is guaranteed. Functionally, it was easier to sit on than the traditional version which you had to step on and off.

the floor bench adorned with silk cushions is characterically wide and low. the top of the bench is made with wooden lamels appropriately spaced so that in winter the silk cushions keep the warmth from the heated floor and in summer the spaced lamel structure prevents dampness. the crisscross of emptying and filling portrays the korean beauty of proportion. aesthetically neat balance could be found with phlox which reminds us of nubi. furthermore, smooth surface of Harald 3 made of short thread neatly cut to achieve compact velvet also gives us the pleasure of well balanced beauty. filling the traditionally emptied structure with phlox or harald 3 by repetitiously displaying the two materials gifted the floor bench with a delicate balance in its beauty.

w1700 x d585 x h390mm

kvadrat phlox, harald 3 / white oak

commissioned by you and us 

kvadrat phlox detail

kvadrat  harald 3 detail

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