openness, product, 2015

opening a door to music to discover a boxes are often closed and the movement inside is not easily seen. fascinated by the hidden mechanism under the box. the concept of this work is to show more of the beautiful mechanism and allow customers to have a playful music box. there are two metal pieces that cover the movement and protect it. these covers slide in one direction from one end to the other or in the opposite direction. under these covers, you will discover a golden-colored 36 note musical movement sat on oak. the graphics on the first cover, made with holes, allow you to see the second cover and create a dynamic object with an overlay of colors and materials.

brass, stainless steel, white oak

ecal × reuge
studio photo by ecal, younès klouche

basel world, reuge, 2016.03, switzerland

corners, product, 2015

when we write on paper, we start from the upper left corner. it allows us to structure our words and gives us room to use the page more ...+

umbrella handle, product, 2016

a gentle humor. the collection of home accessories designed with discarded handles of hermès’ umbrella. the idea is purely adding a handle ...+

draw-string bag, product, 2018

they are striving to coin a creative and useful language of design based on their close observation and discovery of their surroundings and objets ...+