family crystal titanium cutlery, product, 2019

purposefully designed not to match; instead, the distinct pieces are an ode to the differences among the human race. Manufactured by Architectural Titanium, each piece has gone through a rigorous production process to create an end product that is both incredibly strong and light. ‘As people pair up the different forms in their daily lives, they can imagine various shapes of love too.’ 

ever since childhood, we are accustomed to using or wearing things that come in pairs. a pair of shoes, a pair of gloves, a pair of cup and saucer; the list goes on for the objects that we pair for their visually identical identity or familiarity. eventually, you would become prejudiced against using two objects that have different shapes and colors as a pair. well into the adulthood, we tend to think that the person with similar skin color and background is your love mate, almost like when pairing things. as if, defining love in its normal form as being a couple who resembles each other.   

today, the tendency to ostracize people with different appearance and background is increasing at a serious state, especially due to issues of war and refugees between countries and religions. then, such tendency is easily expanded to the social phenomenon of raising guard against any person from a different culture. as a counteraction, we would like to experience naturally in daily life that people of other nationality, race, and religion can very well be the person we relate to, we love.  

for this project, we designed a cutlery set which reflects various characters and different shapes. for people who are used to using the same shape of spoon, fork, and knife in their tableware, we would like to propose a cutlery set composed of units that look different in shape, such as round spoon and square fork. ss people use more different shapes as pairs in their daily lives, they would naturally imagine relations of various shapes of love and gradually get used to them.

various sizes

crystal titanium

architectural titanium  (

collaboration with architectural titanium for wallpaper* handmade 2019, handmade x : with love

photo above featured in designboom

wallpaper handmade singapore 2019

wallpaper*handmade 2019 wallpaper august issue

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