pictograph font, graphic, 2011

abc pictograph fonts_in the history of letters there have been many ancient forms of pictorial symbols that evolved into a few of our present day alphabets. with this project, i am interested in going backwards and inventing a new system of images representing letters. i created four pictograph fonts, creatures regular, creatures italic, garden regular and geometry regular.
 the resulting font is less readable but has a fresh aesthetic and opens up more possibilities in ways of use. the text in abc pictograph fonts gives us a chance to imagine more than information. the user of these fonts can apply it to a letter, song lyrics or any personal story. the body of text becomes a big image with characters that in themselves are able to tell a new story by their placement. since the letters are placed out of baseline, the elements of letters make new combinations, depending on the order of letters in text. in each of my experiments, the aim was to bring the text closer to a person’s everyday life.

presented on the cover of wallpaper, january 2012 link.
nominated to the next generation at wallpaper, london. link.
featured at it's nice that link.
featured at designboom link.
nominated to the best work at grafikens hus in sweden.
nominated to the best work at computer art, london.
exhibited in london design festival, swedish design goes london 2011.
creature regular is sold to iittala.


top left: creature regualr,  top right: creature italic,  bottom left: geometry regualr,  bottom right: garden regualr

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