colors of egg, product, 2016

this project is an ongoing research of finding beauty in a natural material which we throw away unconsciously. it started from my interest in everyday life around the kitchen. as a part of the research, i focused on archiving eggs for the diploma project. the archive is a collection of analyzing and exploring the possibilities for different uses of the eggshell material and its color. from the archive, i’m proposing three objects, combining eggshells in different texture with wax to make candle holders, making soaps in different forms and making patterns with naturally dyed paper.

candle holders, soaps, pattern book & archive

eggshells, wax, soap, papers & etc.

main photos by anna karaseva
diploma project @ecal, switzerland

companions, product, 2015
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a piece of mind, graphic, 2014

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hemp vase, product, 2012

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