tea balance, product, 2017

tea balance was inspired by the scales we used at a pharmacy in the joseon dynasty. i focused on the efficacy of tea in tea ceremony that inherited from the past to the present as a culture and also the fact that the beginning of the tea came from medicine. as the medicine heals our body, a journey to find the balance of body and mind through tea is begun with the process of preparing tea. the journey to find the balance of body departs from measuring the appropriate quantity for the beneficial functioning of people. 2g is the most appropriate amount of tea one person drinks at one time.
this balance has the function of a scale to measure an amount of tea leaves for drinking at one time, but also it may become a mobile to be hung on the ceiling or an object to be placed on the table. aluminum and acrylic which are the materials chosen for these objects are to give a light feeling.


aluminum, acrylic resin

studio photos by jandee kim

cheongju craft biennale korean pavilion, a handful of wisdom 28.3495g, 2015.09 -10, korea

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