onggiscape, product, 2012

the onggiscape is a collection of tablewares. the studies of materials and techniques to make onggi in a traditional way is transformed it into modern life. the lye is applied to the inner surface of the tablewares that contacts with foods. the outside is left without glazing lye to show the roughness and the richness of the soil. this project was realized by hyunbae lee, one of the best well-known onggi artisan in korea.


earthenware, baked in electronic-kiln, prototype

onggi artisan hyunbae lee

funded by korea craft & design foundation
jinan, korea

korean cultural center ny, ma:t as it is, 2016.09 -10, usa.
kf gallery, ma:t korean culture beyond the recipe, 2015.08-10, korea.
craft trend fair, by convergence of tradition & contemporaries, 2012.12, korea.

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