coffee maker, product, 2015

coffee dripper pot designed with a handle of m’passion copper sugar saucepan from mauviel’s original collection. it is for a small household who loves to cook, keeps their life simple and appreciates valuable things in their daily lives. copper is a material that has a beauty of aging and antibacterial function. this coffee maker contains a pot and a dripper. the dripper is a stack on the pot with a lid. the lid is for resting the dripper when pouring coffee into a cup or placing it on the pot for keeping coffee warm. the finishing on the dripper is hammered and the rest of the parts are polished.

coffee pot and dripper


selected project by mauviel 1830

ecal × mauviel 1830
white mockup, photo by ecal, younès klouche

cooking the future, les docks; cité de la mode et du design, 2016.09, france

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