sculpture eyewear, product, 2019

thanks to 3d printing technology, you can easily print all shapes of glasses at each attempt, and you could try making new forms which were impossible to make with classic metal frames. high cost of plastic mould is no longer required when we can now easily create various shapes. such 3d printed glasses are light and elastic, so limitation on the thickness is quite minimal. with all these possibilities in mind, we propose sculpture glasses that we have experimented with various formative language on our faces.

the form is fixed during the process of powder solidifying in 3 dimensions, and the surface turns stone grey. after polishing and dyeing, the frame obtains gentle gloss and deep colors. we have applied the grey color which is the material’s original color as well as black dyed color on the frames. the lens are selected to contrast or strike a balance with its form and color.

various sizes

cloud powder

breezm (

spring : spring glasses are made of spiral form with elasticity. as the spring surrounds the lens, it also looks like flower. as the spring is elastic enough, it can be a substitute for nose pad since it is comfortable to wear.

node : thinking out of the usual lens captured inside the frame, we applied small points(dots) which hold the lens and the lines linking the points complete the overall structure. rhombus made of thin lines and round lens are overlapped, creating a unique geometric beauty of form.

loop : temples are generally designed into ㄱ form so that they rest on the ears by hanging from above. the Loop has loops for temples so the loop rests around the ear. with soft curves on your ear, your profile image would be enhanced with unique loops.

square : we would draw square glasses when we were young. in reality, there were lots of rounded-off squares but it was difficult to find sharp-edged square glasses. the reason was that the frame had to hold the lens and when the frame material was curved, corners were naturally rounded. but with the current 3D printing technique, the lens could be set into square frames. 

step : sense of depth is added to the round frame enveloping the lens by stairs-like design. with different angle of light, various shades of stairs that emphasize the unique structural design can be observed. the bridge and arms are straight lines, rendering a simple and modern look. the bold form gives an impression of heavy build but it is actually lighter than you would expect.

vine : vine glasses are formed with two curved vine branches meeting symmetrically. the lens is attached to the main part of each vine, the leaf at the end of the vine become a nose pad. organically designed lines and nose pads sprouting from the center create unique form of beauty. 

owl : when you describe an owl, you might draw glasses on. such characteristic of the owl is expressed through these glasses. the owl’s eyes are made into ovals and the bridge is in the form of its beak, sharpened at the end.

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