horizon, product, 2016

astronomy and telling the time, in particular as related to celestial mechanics.

this is an instrument that tells you a time of the sunrise and the sunset. focused on reinterpreting the traditional armillary sphere in a simple and modern way to read the sunrise and sunset of a chosen date. in history, people thought the earth was flat and the center of the universe. and the sun was moving around it. we translated this story to fix the horizon to the flat earth to incorporate our point of view. we supplemented a sundial to the flat earth to help easy to understand and feel the atmosphere of the sun passing through.

armillary sphere

steel, brass, slate, glass, aluminum, led

with clément beaugé @ecal, switzerland
ecal × vacheron constantin
studio photos by ecal, younès klouche & cedric widmer

the art of celestial mechanics, salon international de la haute horlogerie(sihh),  2017. 01, switzerland

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